Aerosol Charge and Deposition Measurements for Enhancing Indoor Radiation Dose Models

Nuclear accidents produce radioactive aerosols which travel long distances and affect human health. In radiation exposure modelling for the indoor environment, the self-charging nature of radioactive aerosols, and the consequent effect on deposition, needs to be considered. In this regard a test chamber experiment is designed to investigate aerosol charge and deposition velocity of laboratory generated aerosol. Particle sizes of 0.5 μm, 1.0 μm and 2.0 μm were used for these tests. Deposition velocities in the range 9.22 x 10-5 ms-1 – 1.48 x 10-4 ms-1 were determined while mean charges for the three size distributions were 11.77, 43.87, and 106.26 elementary charges per particle, respectively.

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