Accessorized DPI: A Shortcut Towards Flexibility and Patient Adaptability in Dry Powder Inhalation

Francesca Buttini, James Hannon, Kristi Saavedra, Irene Rossi, Anna Giulia Balducci, Hugh Smyth, Andy Clark, Paolo Colombo


In this work, a novel powder dispersion add-on device, the AOS (Axial Oscillating Sphere), was studied in conjunction with commercially available DPI devices to investigate the improvement of powder dispersion and to minimize the dependence of the device performance on the inspiratory effort. An ordered mixture of formoterol fumarate and lactose was selected. We studied the emission and dispersion of the drug at different flow rates, paying particular attention to a number of metrics of Fine Particle Dose (FPD).

Two novel findings emerged from the data collected: the aerosol quality, measured as fine particle dose, was increased by adding the accessory promoting the formulation deagglomeration and the flow dependence of the aerosol formation was reduced [1].

Increasing inhaler performance can be achieved using an add-on accessory that enhances aerosol dispersion and minimizes flow rate dependency.

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