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An inhalable rifapentine dry powder targeting latent tuberculosis infection

John G.Y. Chan, Anneliese S. Tyne, Angel Pang, Colin Duke, Warwick J. Britton, Hak Kim Chan, Paul M. Young, and Daniela Traini

Combination therapy of curcumin and silver nanoparticles with enhanced anti-biofilm activity for treatment of endotracheal tube-associated infections

Ching-Yee Loo , Paul M. Young , Wing-Hin Lee, Daniela Traini, Rosalia Cavaliere, Cynthia B. Whitchurch, Ramin Rohanizadeh

Effect of process parameters and powder properties on low dose dosator capsule filling

E. Faulhammer, M.Fink, M. Llusa, S. Lawrence, S. Biserni, V. Calzolari, J.G. Khinast

Efficiency of Valved Holding Chambers: Numerical Comparison Study at Constant Flow

R F Oliveira, A C M Ferreira, S F C F Teixeira, H M C Marques, J C F Teixeira

Modelling of In Vitro Deposition of Respirable Powder Formulations Using Artificial Neural Networks

Joanna Muddle, Stewart Kirton , Jogoth Ali, Marc Brown, Clive Page, B Forbes


M. Francis, D. Le Pennec, G. Williams, E. Duclos, P. Diot, L. Vecellio

Laboratory Performance Evaluation of Prototype Nasal Mask for Infants Using the ADAM-III Infant Face Model: Proof-of-Concept

Jolyon Mitchell, Jason Suggett, Mark Nagel, Valentina Avvakoumova, Rubina Ali, Heather Schneider

The Orbital® a novel high payload multi-breath dry powder inhaler

Paul M Young, John Crapper , Gary Phillips, Ketan Sharma, Hak-Kim Chan, Daniela Traini

Design and development of a disposable high dose dry powder inhaler for aminoglycosides

M. Hoppentocht, P. Hagedoorn, H.W. Frijlink, A.H. de Boer

The effect of co-spray drying with polyethylene glycol on the polymorphic state of mannitol carrier particles for dry powder inhalation

Atsutoshi Ito, Mitsuhide Tanimoto, Hideki Yano, Michiko Kumon, Kazuhiro Inoue, Shuichi Yada, Naoki Wakiyama